How much does a brand new narrowboat cost?

The cost of a new narrowboat can vary depending on the size, features, and build quality. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from £50,000 to £150,000 for a new narrowboat.

Here is a breakdown of the average costs of new narrowboats:

  • £50,000 – £70,000: Basic narrowboats with a small amount of space and basic features.
  • £70,000 – £100,000: Mid-range narrowboats with more space and some additional features, such as a solar panel or a wood-burning stove.
  • £100,000 – £150,000: High-end narrowboats with a lot of space, luxury features, and high-quality finishes.

Of course, you can also spend more than £150,000 on a new narrowboat. If you want a truly bespoke boat then take a look at our Narrowboat builders directory. You will be able to view a list of approved and reviewed narrowboat builders across the UK and contact them directly for quotations.

In addition to the purchase price, you will also need to factor in the cost of mooring, insurance, and maintenance. Mooring costs can vary depending on the location, but you can expect to pay around £1,000 per year for a mooring on a canal. Insurance costs will depend on the value of your boat and your personal circumstances, but you can expect to pay around £500 per year. Maintenance costs will vary depending on the age and condition of your boat, but you should budget for around £1,000 per year.

Overall, the cost of owning a new narrowboat can be significant. However, for many people, the freedom and lifestyle that comes with living on a narrowboat is worth the investment.


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