How much does a narrowboat cost to buy?

How much does a narrowboat cost?  This is a question I get asked a lot from eager buyers looking to purchase their first narrowboat.  Most people see narrowboats every day on the canals and waterways of England, but it’s not until you actually start thinking about owning one do you start to think about their value an what they might cost.

Typical values range between £20,000 and can up to £140,000

Cheaper boats will tend to be smaller, older and less well equipped.  The more expensive boats will be in the 57ft or larger range and fitted with more modern interiors and tech such as flatscreen TVs, washing machines and broadband internet.  At the very top end of the scale there a narrowboats which are so well fitted out they are like small floating houses and are priced as such.

Variables that affect the cost:

  • Age of the narrowboat – Older boats do hold their value but tend to be lacking modern features.
  • Condition – Regular servicing and maintenance of a narrowboat will certainly add to the value.
  • Length – Smaller narrowboats tend to be cheaper.
  • Interior and facilities – Modern features such as TVs, broadband internet, central heating and washing machine etc.
  • No of berths – More berth(s) or beds tend to increase value.  Especially for families and holiday boats.

A narrowboat can go up in value and unlike a car a narrowboat will tend to hold value for long periods of time if looked after well and maintained correctly.


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