Quality, Innovation and Style
Ortomarine’s goal is to build environmentally friendly boats that both significantly reduce the vessel’s “carbon foot print” and create a quieter, cleaner and more natural boating experience. We want to give our customers, the “greenest” narrowboat that current technologies allow, without compromising on quality or cost.

Imagine cruising in near silence, with zero emissions, at one with nature - that is the Ortomarine experience. As one of the UK’s leading electric hybrid narrowboat builders, we can offer you a number of systems from different electric engine manufacturers, backed up with real-life data collected from all of our boats.

We will guide you through the design process, balancing your bespoke requirements with cost effective, proven solutions, ensuring your dreams are realised, on time and within budget.

When you commission an Ortomarine boat, you can be sure that every aspect of the external, internal and technical design is completed to a single high standard. For this reason, we only accept orders for "Fully Fitted" designs and not for "Hull Only" or "Sail Away" builds.

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